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48-Hour Film Festival

Public Domain
Film and Music Festival 2020

Congrats to our finalists!

Team Film Title
Adlab Folk Bonzai
Disco Confetti The Man in the Red Tie
Girlz Nite The Setup
Keeping It Reel The Crowded Party
RHEEL Productions What'll I Do
The Bebes Missionaries & Mobsters
The Comprehensive Souls Footsies
The Overwhelming Collective Accidents
WB Productions Dawning
Wonder Film The Two Hostages


  • Before the festival begins, film teams are encouraged to collaborate with teams entered into the music portion of the festival and recruit interested actors.
  • Film teams may include up to five crew members. Crew members must be registered before the event begins.
  • Teams may use an unlimited number of actors.
  • All crew members must be current BYU students; actors do not need to be BYU students.
  • Each team is limited to one entry.
  • All films must be adapted from one or more of the designated public domain literary works.
  • All films must be no more than five minutes long.
  • All films must be limited to original video footage recorded within the allotted 48-hour time period. Films cannot include any third-party video or previously-recorded video, regardless of copyright status, ownership, or permission.
  • All music used in a film (if any) must be selected from the festival’s designated music library. Films cannot include any other music, regardless of copyright status, ownership, or permission.
  • Each team must upload a low-resolution version of their film by the end of the allotted 48-hour time period. Teams should be aware of export and upload times! A high-resolution version of the film, without any further edits, must be delivered to the Copyright Licensing Office by the following Monday at 8:00am.
  • All submissions should adhere to the BYU Honor Code; submissions with explicit language or content will be disqualified.
  • All submissions will be covered under a CC BY-NC 4.0 license.
  • Copyright Licensing Office employees and immediate family members are not eligible to collaborate with any team or participate in any project.